Manhattan Horror Story

The triage is complete. Last night my sister and I recruited another lost soul. At first she was hesitant to commence initiation, but she new it had to be done. We dimmed the lights, to create a surreal ambiance, and surrounded ourselves with 1000 bubblegum scented candles. There she stood in the center cloaked in white, innocent. Her purity that would soon vanish only to  be lured into her new chapter, now riddled with glitter and soaked in craft paint. We chanted the founders of our beloved sisterhood, "MUM, DAD! MUM, DAD!" The candles that once illuminated the apartment went out, the ceremony was complete, and we were ready to haze. Her new body hit the ground, my sister and I circled her frame like ravishing pirañas ripping off only her socks, to unveil her bare feet. My elder held her back as I began the tradition. One by one I pulled her toes, only gaining complete satisfaction when I had successfully cracked all ten. 

And that was that, there lay a new disciple of our coven, whom we congratulated for being in  the running for America's Next Top Supreme. 


Tune in at 10pm, AHS. 


Who will it be?