Hessian Hobo

As I walk past hundreds of beautiful women on the avenues, I can't help but feel the need to monkey pick their bodies and shun them from the clothing stores they consume. You would think, I can rock every style perfectly because my sister is a fashion guru, but no. It's like my sister sucked out all of the stylistic abilities from my mothers' womb and left me with a barren capsule of internal workings. Picture a kid in the candy store, then visualize me, in a clothing store where I can't find anything suitable for my needs. I really have been working at the whole clothing thing though, Blairs' been whipping me, literally. She preaches about the art of layering, and personally I think it's easy. Now I'm the center of attention, everyone stares as I float by in absolute awe. 

About to go out on the town, careful guys. Brrrr it's cold :)