Worry not, they'll be back. #wgw

Unfortunately, White Girls Week has come to a close. I can only hope that my message has helped all who have stumbled across Monsoon in the past week. I felt the need to address the dire situation of the crazies and make it known to all, that they're not what meets the eye. I've laid out a guidebook that in turn will aid mankind, and in wishful thinking have ripped off the theoretical, oversized rose colored glasses off the faces of the naive. I've focused your vision into the horrid depths that this race has brought. Now we all know, that the infamous, sinical breed of the common White Girl will in fact be the villains of the ever approaching apocalypse. 

So minions, please. Go forth and spread the word. FAST. They're only catching up. We must gather our human troops and take back the joys of coffee, because originally, it was ours.