Just A Little Insight Into My Head...


Raindrops on suede shoes and whiskers on women,

Bright blinding headlights and warm moldy linen, 

Brown paper packages filled up with shit, 

These all include in my favorite kit. 

Cream colored puss scabs and crisp welted sunburn, 

Doorbells and slave hells and psychiatric concern, 

Wild geese that fly into plane propellers, 

I will become one of the best sellers.

Girls in black leggings with brown sheepskin slippers,

Snowflakes that freeze my nose, and my zippers, 

Silver white old men, that cough in my face, 

Hades, resides in my favorite place. 

When I max out, 

When I fuck up, 

When I'm feeling fat, 

I simply forget all my favorite things, and then I go steal

A cat.