Don't Wake Me Up

I've come to the conclusion, I'm nocturnal. I'm one of those dark creatures, creeping around in the night waiting for a treat. Majority of my posts are made in the wee hours of the morning anyway. Better things happen at night, the day bores me. Excited to go to breakfast? How about sinking your teeth into a big hunk of meat? -Dinner always wins. If you go into a bar during the day you look like an animal, but once the sun sets it's a free for all. Humans naturally look better at night, the gift of airbrushing is kindly given by the Man Upstairs after 5pm. My question to you is this, should I fight it, or give in to the sweet sweet power of the Aye Aye? 


In the morning I resemble a satanic beast ^ 

But then my friend took the below photo of me, I wasn't paying attention, but I appear to be well rested.