Silver Lining?

"Networking will get you places" 

"You need to focus more on networking" 

"Bromley, are you listening? Network"

"Spin that network web and you'll ride the glory train"

I finally followed the advice from the whisperers in my head, and posted my URL on my Tumblr(should've been deleted years ago). Thankfully it's still active - now brace yourselves - because Me, Myself and I got 2 whole new followers! You wouldn't believe my excitement while I was illegally checking my phone at work this evening. I'm serious as sad as it sounds, luck like that doesn't shine much on me. My head immediately exploded with vanity. Followed by a quick embarrassing jig, and a few awkward eye contacts. Not only was I on top of the moon, but I had an epiphany. I finally knew why I was single. 

After my shift, I rushed home and waited for my dino Mac to load my new followers. The probable 'I <3 Summer' preteens blogs lingered in my head, 'Do they actually like my nonsense?' Or 'Were they just hoping for a #followback ?' One of the usernames seemed adult like, and possibly intellectual. It was spam. Hope still in the air, I clicked on the second. It started with a few good pictures but as I continued to scroll down, my eyes singed at the sight of dozens of very naked women.

My networking abilities are promising, I gained a "How To Make Easy Money Online: FAST!" identity scam, and a "Fuck Bitches Get Money" blog...


My future looks bright!