Grande Vanilla Latte, 3 Pump Caramel, Non-Fat Soy, 1/2inch Foam at 120º


Any White Girl will tell you that in their community, girls will be shunned if they're not constantly sporting a Starbucks cup. Such blasphemy is not accepted, so to avoid breaking the law they generally travel in packs and treat Starbucks as their home base. Never exceeding a 5 mile radius. They might intimidate you at first, all seemingly perfect, walking in their cliques to the beat of the music, all hopped up on caffeine with one grand leader guiding them. Each with their own intricate, retarded coffee order from "Obvi Starbucks", that too will make a common appearance in their #selfies. Don't let this scare you. You're the one who get's a hot black coffee, a simple and sophisticated order, your pallet, actually accepting the bitter taste of the cocaine bean and liking it. White Girls, drown their coffee in God knows how much sugar, and the more complex the order, the cooler they are. #always #substitute #soy

p.s. Never have chipped polish, nails must be regularly manicured at all times. Otherwise your coffee won't look cool in your hand. Duh.