I <3 comments

An alternate way of identifying a White Girl is by using the world wide web, where not only is stalking accepted but encouraged. White girls love to address their feelings and share them with the copious amounts of friends they don't know, but have taken on board. Status updates are used to define their personality, there are multiple categories in which the bitches fall. Some like to pick obvious targeted fights but keep it vague, to avoid direct conflict, others fish for attention with "I'm ugly" posts and surprisingly get comments. Then you've got to accommodate the ones who believe they're above the drama of middle school and complain about nit picky posters, when in fact they're one in the same. There are the avid travelers "I can't wait to escape this town and get away from all these people", the song lyric selfies 🎶, and the broken hearted "I thought you were the one :/". All posted for one reason. Comments. The reapers feed off the compliments and reassurance of others, that's all they desire. It's what gets them through their "gym day!", or "hospital :(" visits. Whoever has time to update their feed while in the hands of a doctor needs some serious help, and Facebook isn't where they'll get it.